Electric Part Description

In this part of the Blog you can find more details about the elctronic and electric part of our APE. In order to explain all the parts, is helpfull to image flow starts from the wheels and finish with Battery:



Each wheel is moved by its brushless motor (type: SMB142 30 15 5 24 2I 65 2). In this code is stored the information that the position feedback is Resolver, the nominal speed is 3000rpm, the nominal torque is 15Nm and the power is 230V  (the complete datasheet of the motor is available here: wwww.parker.com). The motors are also connected to its drive (Parker drive type SLVD17ND customized) by 2 cables . The green cable is the signal cable and here flow the information of the motor position. The orange cable is the power cable where flow the power.

EN_Immagini Ruote Motori


The drives are customized and connected each other by the encoder signal. Between the drives there are two type of comunication shared: the Can bus and the serial comunication RS422. These type of comunication are used to Exchange data by the control PC and the drives. Each drives have a customized software inside that allowed tthe virtually connection between the wheel. Thank to this feature it’s easy  to implement, via software, every sofisticate control like ABS, DSC…

EN_Immagine Azionamenti


In this part you will find the commands like: throttle, the motion reverse selector and the emergency stop button. Sevices are: ligths, the key for start up the veicle, motors failure output lights, the instrumental cockpit now simulated by an industrial PC. Special thanks to the Italian company ROBOX that provide us this PC (www.robox.com).

EN_Immagine Comand&Servizi


The battery used are plomb (costs issue mainly). We have made a big pack with 26 elements at 12Vdc each for 320Vdc in total.

Immagine Batterie

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