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The target of this project, is to realize a kit for converting  a traditional 3 wheel  Ape Piaggio 50 in a fully electric version. In this blog you will find all the information for doing that. Starting point is: identified the input data. We have considered the curves of a traditional tuned-up engine: Zadra Engine Then we have: analyzed this graph, found the torque curve and replied it into an Excel sheet (“foglio Curva P-C 130 cc”): Curva P-C 130 cc The values obtained are referred at the motor shaft Next step was to “report” these curves at the wheel and draw back the graph (power-speed) for each gears. For doing this step we have found in the Web this very usefull Spread Sheet “SpeedCal-VespaServizio.xls”:

Speed Calc 1-3 Speed Calc 2-3 Speed Calc 3-3 We have felt all the information in: 

– Tires information (100/90 10”61J) :  90, 90, and 10 – Original gear and first gear have ratio of 24/72 straight teeth. Result  was that between the shaft  of the motor and the tire there are two transformation ratio. The primary ratio and the ratio for each gears. Numbers found are following: 

  • First ratio (= 3,000) 
  • The ratio from each gears (5,800 for the first gear – 3,857 for the second gear – 2,778 for the third gear and 2,091 for the fourth). We will not consider information about the fifth gear.

Based on these information we can calculate easly  the ratio between the motor shaft and the tire: 

  • First gear 3,000*5,800 = 17,400
  • Second gear 3,000*3,857 = 11,571
  • Third gear 3,000*2,778 = 8,334
  • Fourth gear 3,000*2,091 = 6,273

Now  we are able to draw, for each gears,  the power curve of the motor and  the results is in the sheet  “Curve F ruota” : Dati di progetto The curves found are the input data for sizing the brushless motors of the transormation kit. The BBSC Team suggest you now to read, as next step, the page “Model identification”  

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