The Kit!

Identified the components of the e-solution, we have to identify how to fit them in the existing mechanics. The initial situation is well represented from the following pictures:

We have thought to leave part of the mechanical components unchanged; in particular: the wheel, the semi-axis and modify the joint inside of the mechanical differential

Here you can see the thwo joints one for each wheels that are originally located in the mechanical differential:

These original joints are substitute from two new joints; they have same link with the semi-axis but different profile from the mechanical differential part. See the result in the picture:


Each new joints are located in the new mechanical plate instead in the mechanical differential as you can see in the next picture:

The list of the mechanical components of the kit is:

  • two joints
  • two pinions
  • two pulley
  • two mechanical flanges for coupling the each electric motor with ots wheel
  • two belts

In the next picture you can see all the components assembled except the belts:

Retro Completo7      









Details of the mechanical drawings of the components are available on the follow link


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